We specialise in supplying healthy, happy livestock. All our pets are captive bred only and we are pround to have been awarded a 5* licence to sell pets

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HabiStat Glass Reptile Terrarium


We believe that successful reptile keeping involves recreating the climate and environment in which they would naturally reside. Regardless of the budget you are working to, our setups will always put welfare and enrichment first to you can be sure your pets will thrive rather than simply survive.

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Reptile Food

Whether you have pets that eat fresh bugs, defrost rodents or are partial to some leafy greens, we have something for all appetites. We have fresh livefood delivered into store 2-3 times weekly and stock a full range of supplements and dry foods too.

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Medusa Exotics is your one stop shop for everything reptile. Whether you need a replacement lamp or topup of essential supplements, or are treating your pets to new decoration, electrics upgrade or even a brand new vivarium we stock all the supplies you'll ever need.

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  • Hannah

    Great range of exotic pets and reptiles with a large range of products and types of food for all your exotic pets!

  • Chaz

    Absolutely love this shop and the staff. Always friendly and happy do give me advice on my son's Dragon.

  • Lee

    The people who run this shop are extremely friendly, they know what they are doing highly recommend for your exotic pet needs

  • Katie

    Always helpful and always friendly. I’d never go anywhere else for my reptile products.

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