We stock a range of reptiles, inverts and amphibians in store... please bear with us whilst we update our lists... or give us a call today on 0115 837 0980 and we'd be more than happy to help
We also stock everything you need to care for reptiles and amphibians in store including full setups and special deals when you buy the whole kit from ourselves (that's on top of our already low prices).  
We encourage all potential pet owners to get in touch as soon as you're thinking about buying a new pet reptile, we can help and advise with all aspects of caring for these wonderful pets, but we'll also be honest and upfront about their needs, the costs and requirements they need to thrive.  
We adopt a zero pressure approach to purchasing pets, our role in store is designed to be educational and informative meaning you can ask as many questions as you like and we'll only authorise a sale once we (and you) know its the perfect decision for you.  If you do choose to take home a new pet you can then be confident in our lifetime support where we'll happily help and assist you with any questions or concerns for the life of your new pet.

We always ask for proof of set up for any animal we sell instore, please make sure you have these with you, along with photos of lighting, thermostats, measurements of enclosure etc... 

If you do not have a set up that's okay, we sell all equipment needed instore. 

If you are refused the sale of an animal instore its usually for very good reason. Please respect our staffs decision and take any advance onboard to reasons why you couldn't. 

'Scaleless' animals will never be sold in store, please re-consider buying such animals, they can live very miserable lives, especially if you're not experienced

 Current List: 21/02/24

(always check before travelling as some animals sell quickly)



Bearded Dragons 

  • CB23 'normal' baby bearded dragons arriving Monday
We won’t sell any bearded dragon into a set up smaller than 4x2x2, please expect to be asked for proof of suitable set up before being allowed to purchase an animal from us. 
    Full set ups available  


      Yemen/Panther Chameleons

      • CB23 Nosey Faly Male Panther- £249.99
      • CB23 Nosey Faly Female Panther - £59.99
      More coming soon


        • CB22- Crested gecko Harlequin male  £69.99 or free when purchased with full set up. Full crested gecko set up just build £399.99 x1 (Has a tail!)
        • CB23- Harlequin -tail-less, big strong health baby, store bred, very friendly. £69.99
        • CB23 Flame (has tail!) Cute little thing, £69.99. x1

        Full set ups available  

        Gargoyle Gecko

        • CB21 Male Gargoyle Gecko -£150.00 x1- can come with full set up 

          Full set ups available  


          Leopard Geckos 

          • Babies x 1- 20 weeks old (super spotty!)- £79.99
          • couple of rehome adults left x2 all females.. Prices start from £59.99
          • Rehome Female Bandit- £69.99 or £260 with set up

          We have multiple geckos to choose from at present, full list coming shortly.

          Full set ups available  

          Fat Tails 

          • CB23 Amel x2 females £160 each
          • CB23 Zulu 66% het caramel - x1 female -£200 

          Other Geckos

          • Giant Madagascan Day Gecko - £89.99- Can come with full bio tank, heating uv, and gecko for £399.99 (male?)


          • CB23 Hermanns x4 £149.99
          • CB23 Horsfield £125 x2
          • x3 adult male horsfields please come in store for more information. 


          We won’t sell any tortoise into a set up smaller than 4x2x2, please expect to be asked for proof of suitable set up before being allowed to purchase an animal from us. 

          Full set ups available  



          • Phantasmal Dart Frogs £30 each or 4 for £100  2 groups left.
          • CB23 Bumble Bee Dart frogs x3 £150 for the group or can come with full planted set up etc...
          • Imitator varadero (Ranitomeya Fantastica 'Varadero' ) x2 £79.99 each can come with full planted set up 
          • more horned frogs coming soon...
          • CB23 -Strawberry Horned frog- £59.99 x1

          Full set ups available  


          • CB21-Amazon tree boa- £149.99 x1 reserved
          • CB22-Amazon tree boa- £79.99 - Can come with full bioactive enclosure,, heating and lighting with snake for £399.99. reserved

          Full set ups available  


          one ready soon


          Milk Snakes

          • CB23- Tangerine Albino Puebian x Nelson- £249.99 x1

          King Snakes 

          • CB22- Peanut Butter Florida King Snake- £129.99 x1 Can come with set up for extra £100.
          • CB23- Aberrant Californian King Snake- £79.99 x1 Can come with 3 ft vivarium for extra £100

          All of our king snakes are fairly friendly, but near feeding time they have that classic king snake spicyness about them! 

          Full set ups available  


          • CB22- Bredls Python - £169.99- x1 - reserved
          • CB23- Bredli x Jungle Carpet Python- £79.99 x1 currently off display

          Young Royal Pythons 

          • CB22- Normal- 50% Het Sunset -£89.99 x4 
          • CB22- Normal -£79.99 x2
          • CB22- Pastel Enchi- £99.99 x1
          • CB22- Enchi- £99.99 x2
          • CB22- Enchi Leopard- £109.99 x1
          • CB22- Pastel Enchi - £99.99 x1
          • CB22- Enchi Mojave- £99.99- x1
          • CB22- Enchi Leopard- £109.99 x1
          • CB23- 1.0 Pastel Double Het Axanthic tsk pied -£119.99 x1
          • CB23- 1.0 Fire Double Het Axanthic tsk pied -£74.99 x1

          More to be added soon! 

          Full set ups available  

          Adult Royals 

          • Rehome Spider morph- ask in store. (none breeding experienced home only!)

          Full set ups available  


          Corn snakes (Hatchlings/juvi's)

          • Carolina (normal) £69.99 x1
          • Carolina x Blood £69.99 x1
          • Tessera Het Blood Red - £99.99 x1
          • Blood Red Caramel -£89.99 x1
          • Anery Tessera £89.99 x1
          • Normal het palmetto, hypo sunkissed poss het amel-  x1- £99.99 
          • CB23 Palmetto het hypo x2 -£170 

          We've got so many new corns to add to this list in the next few weeks! Just settling in and making sure they are all eating okay at present. 


          Full set ups available 


            • Curly Hair (Tliltocatl albopilosus) slings 3-4cm- £6.99 x20
            • Brazilian Red and White-(Nhandu chromatus) 1-2cm sling- £5  x1
            • Antilles Pink Patch (Acanthoscurria antillensis 3-4cm - £40 x1
            • Dwarf Pink Leg (Kochiana brunnipes) 3-4cm -£28 x1
            • Togo Starburst (Heteroscodra maculata) 5-6cm  £19.99 x1
            • Eastern Horned Baboon (Ceratogyrus darlingi) 2-3cm £7.99 x1
            • Golden Fringe (Ornithoctonus aureotibialis) 4-5cm £18.00 x1
            • Unicorn Horned Baboon (Ceratogyrus marshalli) 2-3cm £7.99 x1
            • Brazilian Giant White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata) 1-2cm £19.99 x1
            • Antilles pinktoe ' Caribena versicolor' x6- £11.99 
            • Salmon Pink Birdeater 'Lasiodora parahybana' 1-2cm - £4.49 x23 
            • Himalayan Purple Banded Earth tiger 'Haplocosmia himalayana' 1cm -£12.49 x1
            • Panama Blonde 'Psalmopoeus pulcher' 1-2cm- £10.99 x1
            • Peru Purple Pink Toe 'Avicularia juruensis' 1-2cm -£19.99 x1
            • Pygmy Fire Leg 'Kochiana brunnipes 3cm - £19.99 x1
            • Mexican Fire Leg 'Brachypelma bohemi' 1-2cm £13.99 x2
            • Asian Smokey earth tiger 'Chilobrachys dyscolus' 2cm -£7.49 x2
            • Socotra island blue baboon 'Monocentropus balfouri' 1cm -£24.99 x1
            • Indian Violet 'Chilobrachys fimbriatus' 2-3cm -£9.99 x2
            • Puerto Rican Pink toe 'Caribena laeta' 1-2cm -£14.99 x1
            • Antilles pink toe 'Caribena versicolor - 1-2cm £11.99 x6
            • Hati Hati Baboon 'Cyriopagopus sp.- 1-2cm -£9.99 x1
            • Electric Blue 'Chilobrachys natanicharum' 2-3cm -£24.99 x1
            • Togo Starburst (Heteroscodra maculata) 1cm -£7.49 x1
            • Chaco Golden Knee ' Grammostola pulchripes - 1-2cm £15.99 x1
            • OBT 'Pterinochilus murinus' 1-2cm £9.99 x1
            • Purple Pink Toe 'Avicularia purpurea' 2cm £33.99 x1
            • Mexican Red Leg 'Brachypelma emilia' 1cm- £24.99 x1
            • Mexican Red Leg 'Brachypelma hamorii' 1-2cm £15.99 x1
            • Goliath Birdeater 'Theraphosa blondi' 3-5cm £99.99 x1
            • Burgundy Goliath Bird Eater 'Theraphosa stirmi' 3-4cm £99.99 x1
            • Cobalt Blue 'Cyriopagopoeus lividus' 3-4cm- £14.99 X1
            • Mexican Red Leg 'Brachypelma hamorii' 5-6cm £79.99 x1
            • Salmon Pink Birdeater 'Lasiodora parahybana' 5-7cm £24.99 x1
            • Costa Rican Zebra 'Aphonopelma seemani' Sub adult -£39.99 x1
            • Curly Hair (Tliltocatl albopilosus) -Sub adult female -£42.99 x1
            • Malaysian Earth tiger 'Chilobrachys huahini' SA/A -£54.99 x1
            • Full set ups available  
            Jumping Spiders
            • Regal Jumping spider 'Phidippus regius'  L6/7 1 female 1 male £31.49 each 
            Due in this week 


                  • Yellow Devil (Vaejovis confusus)  SA/A £19.99 x1
                  • Asian Forest Scorpion sub adult/adult £19.99 x1

                  Multiple new scorpions to be added. 

                  More coming soon


                  • Mastigoproctus gigantea - sub adult female -£49.99 x1


                  • Giant Africans - £19.99 each, x3
                  • Lots more to add... 

                  More stock coming soon!


                  Praying mantis 

                  • Giant Asian (Hierodula membranacea)  - £17.95 
                  • Timor Shield- (Rhombodera kirbyi) -  £17.95 
                  • Orchid (Hymenopus coronatus)- £17.95
                  • Ghost (Phyllocrania paradoxa)-  £17.95 
                  • Texas unicorn (Pseudovates chlorophaea)-  £17.95 
                  • Dead leaf (Deroplatys desiccata - £17.95 


                         Buy any acrylic/glass enclosure for the mantis at the same time, and the mantis will be reduced to £15. 

                  Bio-active builds for mantis, from £10 (making tank bioactive) 

                  Full set ups available  

                  Stick Insects 

                  • Giant Thorny (Trachyaretaon brueckneri)-£9.99 a pair -Sub adults x1
                  • Thai/ Zomproi (Parapachymorpha zomproi)-£9.99 a pair- Sub adults x2
                  • Sunny (Sungaya inexpectata) “Lowland form' -£9.99 a pair- Half grown x3 pairs

                  More types to add, or pop in store and see what we have to offer! 

                  Lots more stick insects to add, hatchling eggs too ( ring ahead of time to get in store) 


                  Full set ups available  

                    Giant African Land Snails

                    • Fulica Giant African Land snails, Mixed colours- £8.99 each or 2 for £15 x 7

                    All of our snail clutches have been culled every 2-4 weeks whilst growing up so only the biggest and strongest go forward to be pets.

                    Please be aware at some point you will have to crush or dispose of the eggs, baby snails can overwhelm the best of owners, especially having 300 plus at a time! 


                    • Madagascan Hissing cockroaches £2.99 each or 2 for £5- various ages 

                    Assassin Bugs 

                    • Psytalla Horrida king assassin juvi's x32- £8 each or 2 for £15
                    • Two spotted assassin bug x6 £3.99 each


                    Full set ups available