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Bearded Dragon Electrics Pack (Bronze)

Bearded Dragon Electrics Pack (Bronze)


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Our bronze electrics pack includes the bare essentials to correctly supply your bearded dragon with heat and UVB light.  Everything in this kit will ensure your dragon thrives but there is nothing included that is not 100% necessary.  

Suitable for vivariums of a minimum 36c18x18in but better in a wider and taller vivarium (see our reference point here)*

Included Items

  • Reptile Systems Zone 3 UV lighting Kit (24w/22in)
  • Arcadia Solar Basking Spotlight / 75w
  • Heat Resistant Light Fitting

  • Digital Twin Zone Thermometer ST-2

  • Microclimate/Habistat High Range Dimming Thermostat

    *a full size vivarium for a bearded dragon should measure a minimum of 4x2x2ft (120x60x60cm)... smaller vivariums are not recommended for adult bearded dragons.


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    Lovely bloke helped me so much with my beared dragon and didn't try to sell me things I didn't need, great shop

    - Karen.W -

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