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Frozen Rats

Frozen Rats


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Please note ALL orders are for collection only. We reserve the right to refund any order for livestock if you have not spoken to us first, or for any reason at our sole discretion. Find us at 10 Quayside Court, Colwick, NG4 2SR

Frozen rats are a healthy, nutritious meal for many pet reptiles as well as many amphibians, birds of prey and other exotic pets for which they form a staple diet. Our frozen rats are ethically bred and euthanise humanely before being packed into convenient, clear plastic bags and shipped using ice packs, in polystyrene boxed and on a next working day delivery service to ensure freshness and nutrition. 

Pack Sizes

For hygiene and quality reasons we sell our rats in pack sizes, but we price as singles to help you plan and budget more easily. 

  • For Pups, Fuzzies, Hoppers Chubs and Weaners please buy in multiples of 5
  • For Small Rats or Larger please buy in multiples of 5

Frozen Rats for Small and Large Reptiles

Our sizing starts with frozen rat pups which weigh as little as 4g and goes right the way up to XL frozen rats which weigh upwards of 350g. There are also a number of sizes in-between that are all graded by weight so you can buy consistently every time you place an order. If you are unsure about which frozen rats to buy for your pet our team will be happy to help with all sizes and help ensure you make the right choice. 

The Best Value Frozen Rat Deals

Whilst frozen rats are packed in plastic bags of either 10 (pups to large weaners) or 5 (small rats and above) we have listened to our customers feedback and are trialling pricing individually at our lowest possible price.  We'd still encourage you order order in pack size multiples where you can, but we are not enforcing it during this trial period. There remains a £30 minimum spend on frozen food items and the £9.99 delivery charge applies only once, no matter how large your order allowing you to stock up and save. 

Frozen Pet Food Right On Your Doorstep

If you are close to our Nottingham Reptile Shop you can also benefit from the same great prices on all our frozen rats and other reptile supplies in-store – you can usually pick it up the very same day, seven days a week.

As well as frozen rats, we can also supply frozen multis (multimammate mice), frozen guinea pigs, frozen rabbits, and frozen gerbils among other products to provide you with access to a convenient and healthy diet for your pet. We also stock a wide range of frozen fish and aquatic foods.

If you’re not sure what the right food is for your pet, please feel free to get in touch and our team will be able to help. For anything else, please take a look at our other pet supplies including Live Food for Reptiles, Reptile Housing and Reptile Lighting.

Frozen Rats

Our frozen rats are top quality and guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition meaning that you have the peace of mind that you will be getting the very best for your pets whilst also benefitting from the best value in the market.  

Delivery Pricing/Options

Home delivery costs £9.99 per order containing frozen food regardless of its size. This allows us to use a next day courier and use packaging that will help your food remain frozen on its journey to you.  

Delivery Terms

We despatch our food on a next day service meaning it should never spend more than 24 hours in transit, we pack with insulation and either dry ice or frozen gel packs to ensure it remains frozen.  We do ask that you are available to take your delivery at the first attempt and that it is unpacked immediately to be returned to the freezer, any delays to this will void our frozen delivery guarantee (for example you are not in to take the order on the first attempt).  

Usage and health information

Keep frozen to store and defrost thoroughly before use.  Frozen foods are raw meat products so should be treated as such (e.g. stored, prepared, defrosted etc away from other food products and surfaces or feeding tools disinfected after use, hands thoroughly washed with soap and water after handling etc).  

As some customers will be aware, the Food Standards Agency in the UK has recently issued advice about salmonella in reptiles and feeder rodents.  Whilst we are proud to offer only the very best quality frozen food (which we can confirm is neither supplied by or associated with any supplier or retailer that was part of that investigation), as a responsible retailer, we always advise customers that it is possible that frozen food (like the reptiles you keep) may carry salmonella.  Whilst for the most part this will mean simply following good hygiene practices, higher risk groups may wish to take additional precautions as they would do with the reptiles themselves. You can find out more about salmonella here.

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