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Microclimate AHS (Advanced Heating System) 500w

Microclimate AHS (Advanced Heating System) 500w


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Digitally controlled all in one heating system. 

A reliable 500w UK made ceramic element is controlled by Microclimates class leading pulse temperature control. Software developed over many years ensures perfect temperature regulation. 

Enclosed in a sturdy metal enclosure which is protected by a mechanical Bi-Metallic thermal trip to prevent the metal casing from reaching unsafe temperatures.

Only the best electrical components go into building of your AHS and it is completely designed and manufactured in house in the United Kingdom. This allows our high standards to be maintained throughout software and manufacture.

Set and forget - Simply set the temperature on the front of the unit and the AHS will provide years of maintenance free temperature control. Ideal for DWA species.

Temperature range of 19°c to 35°c.

The 500w ceramic has enough power for large enclosures or for smaller enclosures with power in reserve for those colder months of the year.

  • 500w Maximum Output
  • Pulse Heater control
  • Digital temperature control and processing
  • 1.5m sensor
  • 5 Year warranty on Electronics, 1 year warranty on ceramic.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom
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