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ProRep Leaf Litter Brick, 500g

ProRep Leaf Litter Brick, 500g


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A compressed brick of broken leaf litter to help establish the intricate layers typically found in forests and jungles. Leaf litter in forests plays a crucial role in supporting the intricate web of life within these ecosystems. As fallen leaves accumulate on the forest floor, they create a diverse and nutrient-rich microhabitat that shelters and nourishes countless animal species. This natural carpet of decomposing leaves provides shelter for insects, amphibians, and reptiles, offering protection from predators and environmental extremes. Additionally, the decomposition of leaf litter enriches the soil with essential nutrients, creating a foundation for plant growth that sustains small detritivores such as woodlice, millipedes, and springtails. Leaf litter serves as a fundamental building block of forest biodiversity, fostering interconnected relationships that contribute to the overall health and vitality of these intricate ecosystems. When combined with other soil-based substrates and larger leaf litter, the leaf litter brick helps establish the bio-diverse layers typically found in forest habitats.
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